Emge Fall Obstacle Run Fundraiser

We only have one day left for our fundraiser but are still about $9000 away from our goal.  At this point, we have raised $15,484 with only 172 students. That is only about half of our total enrollment.  Could you imagine where would be if everyone was registered and raised the goal of $75 per student?  If you have not already done so, please get your kiddo registered and help us reach our goal of $25,000!  Click here to download the fundraiser packet and click here to register your child. We have so many exciting things planned, but we will not be able to accomplish everything without raising the money needed.  See the image below for one of the projects we would like to complete.  To help reach our goal, we are going to extend our fundraiser out one whole week.  We will continue to collect until next Friday, September 30.  This will NOT impact our Fun Run date of Thursday, October 6.  As always, please email us at emgestarspto@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you for your support!

Thank you,

Emge PTO