Character Assemblies
Character Assemblies
Posted on 10/31/2019
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We are utilizing the 
Formative Five by Thomas R. Hoerr to guide our character education program this year. This program is centered upon the belief that for students to succeed, they need to develop attributes that are not assessed on standardized tests. The Formative Five "success skills" that we will be focusing on are:

Embracing Diversity

In October, we recognized students in each class who display empathy. Teachers have been teaching lessons on empathy in their classrooms and Mrs. Bill's counseling lessons have focused on this trait.

The next trait is self-control. Self control is one’s ability to modulate one’s own actions and delay gratification. Helping students to set goals and to be mindful of their current actions and the implications for their future can help them develop self-control
t the October assembly, the students watched a video about the "Marshmallow Test" and a skit performed by Mrs. Jones' 5th grade class. Some key aspects of self-control were discussed:

1. Willpower
2. Knowing right from wrong and acting on it
3. Self-discipline
4. Controlling our emotions

5. KHFOOTY - Keep your Hands, Feet and Other Objects To Yourself

Students who display self-control. will be recognized at our next assembly.

Congrats to all of our character kids!