Mrs. Billingsley

Mrs. Amanda Billingsley
Technology Teacher
Email: [email protected]


Students in grades K-5 attend technology class for 40 minutes each week. The students login to a Chromebook using their school Google accounts, complete activities and assignments in Canvas, and learn skills necessary to navigate the 21st century digital world. Teachers are also able to sign-up for extra time with Mrs. Billingsley to integrate technology into the regular classroom curriculum or receive training on various technology topics.

In technology class, the students are working on the following units throughout the year: Keyboarding, Digital Citizenship, Google Apps for Education, Coding, and Global Collaboration. Please see below for resources and parent information for each unit of study, and visit Mrs. Billingsley's technology website for more information and websites to practice at home.

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-Typing Club Program
-Dance Mat Typing
- has several typing games for each grade level listed under "Skill"

Digital Citizenship:
-Common Sense Media- Has reviews for apps, games, etc., family guides, parent concerns, and more!
-Common Sense Media Resources for Family Engagement
-Media Smarts
-Raising Digital Citizens

Google Apps for Education:
-Google Apps for Education Help

-CodeSpark Academy

Fine Arts Grading Scales:
              Skill Grading Scale    Effort Grading Scale 
Grades K-5   4 = Proficient
3 = Approaching Proficient
2 = Beginning Progress
1 = Of Concern                   
                  4 = Consistently Demonstrates
3 = Sometimes Demonstrates
2 = Occasionally Demonstrates; with reminders
1 = Rarely Demonstrates