Staying Connected with the Emge School Calendar
Directions for adding the Emge Public Calendar to your phone:

1. Click on the ICAL link below on your cell phone:
2. You will see a pop-up box on your phone that says, "Subscribe to the Emge Public Calendar.”
3. After clicking "subscribe," another box will pop up on your phone that says: "The calendar Emge Public Calendar has been added."

If you have the Google Calendar App on your phone, you have a few more steps to do if you want to add this calendar on that app:
1. You need to log into your Google account on a computer. 
2. Go to your Google calendar page. 
3. Find the section (on the left side of your screen) that says "Other calendars."
4. Click on the drop down arrow to the right side of the word "Other calendars."
5. Click on "Add by URL"
6. Copy and paste this URL in that box:
7. Click "Add Calendar" and check the “make publicly accessible.” The Emge Public Calendar should show up on your Google Calendar App on your phone or mobile device.