School Safety

Earthquake, tornado, and fire drills will be conducted on a regular basis at Emge. Students and teachers will treat drills as though they were an actual emergency, understanding that drills represent procedures that could mean life or death. The following instructions will help ensure the safety of everyone in the building in the event of an actual emergency.

Earthquake drills will be announced by intercom. (The real thing would be announced by much shaking and things falling.) The following procedures should be followed:
1) Immediately, students should sit underneath their desk so as to utilize it as a barrier to falling debris.
2) When the intercom announces that the drill is complete, students should return to their seat and instruction.
3) If a real earthquake should occur, teachers should survey their room for children in need of medical attention. If there are some, the red emergency card should be placed by the classroom door.
4) Debris and obstructions may make leaving the building difficult. Seek the shortest and safest route OUT of the building and get students out as soon as possible.
5) One teacher from each grade level should remain inside if there are one or more students injured. Their purpose is to give comfort and aid as is possible. 
*Click here to read more about Earthquake Safety for Missouri schools

● When the tornado sirens are going off, students and staff go to designated location (whether or not an announcement is made).
● Students should face an interior wall, with knees and elbows on the ground, and hands over the back of their head. Students should not be talking.
● Fire doors should be closed
● Close windows and doors
● During a ‘real’ tornado warning, all classroom teachers should go to their students’ location (if they are at P.E./Music/Art/Library)
● Classroom teachers should have an “emergency” box of books, etc… that they can quickly access to keep students attentive
● Students will not be dismissed from school while the area is under a tornado warning. If it is the end of the school day, students will be held at school and buses will not be allowed to transport students until the tornado warning has been lifted. If parents arrive at school during a warning, they will be asked to wait with us.
● Parents will be notified via the automatic notification system of any changes in transportation, as well as school delays, associated with shelter-in-place during a tornado warning. 

SIGNAL​: Fire Alarm

1. Close all doors and windows.
2. Teachers take emergency folder for attendance purposes and the emergency backpack.
3. All occupants leave the building in single file, quiet lines.
4. Remain as a classroom group outdoors.
5. Students in special classes should evacuate with their specialty teachers and these teachers will communicate which students they have to the principal. Send a runner to the principal, counselor, or secretary indicating that all students are present or that a specific student(s) is/are missing.
6. The principals will communicate with each other to determine where each student is.
7. Once everyone is accounted for, the principal will indicate that it is safe to re-enter the building.
* Building evacuation maps and emergency procedures are located near the door of each classroom.